Repair Guide and Issues


The iPhone is one of the most popular devices to ever hit the smartphone market. And we have so much experience in fixing all of the most common iPhone problems! Replacing screens and batteries, repairing water damage and home buttons, fixing charging and audio issues our technicians have seen it all. And that’s great news for you. Not only can you trust us to provide excellent service when your iPhone needs to be repaired, but you can learn from the mistakes that we have seen and fixed. Our goal: To help you avoid the common issues that result in iPhone repairs, and to provide you with fast, affordable fixes if they happen to you!


Immediate Steps for iPhone Water Damage Repair:

Retrieve your device if it has fallen into a body of water or other liquid. The longer or more continued the exposure, the more damage can occur. (Note: Do not charge your device)

Whisk away the water on the external parts of the phone. A lint-free cloth is best, but any absorbent towel or cloth works. Avoid paper towel and napkin products. (Note: Do not press buttons or use fans or blow-dryers to attempt to dry the device, as each of these methods will force the water further into the phone.)

If able, remove the battery, SIM card, and any external pieces attached to the phone.

With the phone opened as far as possible without loosening screws, place it upside down on a towel to allow any internal liquid to drip out.

You may also choose to use a vacuum extension to suck the liquid up. However, this should be done sparingly and at a distance of at least a few inches from the iPhone with water damage.

Leave iPhone on the towel for as long as possible (recommended 24 hours), before using.

Why Not Rice?

The circuitry inside any electronic device (and especially iPhones) is very delicate. Think of just how many capabilities are packed into something that fits in the palm of your hand or your back pocket. Boxed or bagged rice contains tiny particles that can find their way into the little crevices around keys, inside ports, or between the front and back casing.

Although rice acts as an absorbent, pulling the excess liquid from the device. However, it leaves behind those particles which can be just as disruptive (if not more disruptive) to your phone over time. Because of this, rice is not suggested to use on an iPhone with water damage.


IPhone Battery Replacement & Repair Guide

Because of a faulty battery that doesn’t charge fully, charges slowly, or runs out of battery really fast. A bad battery makes it impossible to take your so-called “mobile” phone out in the world with you for several hours at a time. What’s worse is when your faulty battery is in the latest and greatest model of iPhone; it’s your virtual life on the line.

The solution? There isn’t just one. If you need an iPhone battery replacement, you have several options from seeking Apple Support to a DIY iPhone battery repair guide!

Take a look at these options in greater detail to find the one that works for you:

IPhone Battery Replacement Cost is Free on Specific Devices

In addition, if your phone is still covered under Apples Limited One Year Warranty, replacing the iPhone battery will be free (as long as it is proven defective).


iPhone Battery Replacement by Apple

If your iPhone has experienced symptoms of a faulty or old battery (no charge, short lifespan, etc.), Apple offers service options. You can speak with Apple Support or make an appointment with a Genius in an Apple store location. Apple then runs diagnostics. If they determine your iPhone battery was broken due to accidental damage, you will have to pay additional fees for parts and labor. The repair process will take three to five business days.


iPhone Battery Replacement by

Our knowledgeable technicians understand what it is to be without a properly working phone, and that is why they try to process all iPhone repairs on the same day that they are dropped off. Unless, of course, you’d rather mail your device in. In which case, that is an option, too! While the battery replacement cost by myphoneshop is not free, it is affordable.


IPhone Screen Repair Guide

One of the most common issues facing all smartphone users is cracked or damaged screen. Because all functionality and interaction with your iPhone is through the LCD it is therefore important you have a reliable expert to handle and help replace your LCD/Screen. Cost of screen differs depending on your iPhone model. But relax we got you with the most affordable and competitive price in the market.